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My Favorite Songs From 2013

My Favorite Songs From 2013

I’ll admit that the year 2013 flew by at top speed for me. We had our first baby toward the end of 2012, so last year brought our family to a whole new level of craziness — in the best way possible, though! I didn’t get to listen to as much new music as I’d […]

The BBC Celebrate 20 Years Of Britpop

April marks the twentieth anniversary of Blur’s Parklife, a milestone that will multiply over the coming months. Soon, we will be celebrating Oasis’ Definitely Maybe and Suede’s masterpiece, Dog Man Star. Do you remember the first time you heard Pulp’s ‘Do You Remember The First Time?’ or made a connection with Elastica’s ‘Connection?’ That’s right, […]

5 Sketches Of Britpop Stars Suffering Everyday Problems

Modern life really is rubbish as Jersey Milk Cow’s brilliant illustrations of former Britpop stars dealing with the mundane aspects of everyday life can attest. In his series, ‘Stars of the Britpop Era Encounter Inner City Pressure,’ the illustrator captures his subjects with uncanny simplicity and also alerts us to the very real catastrophes any […]

Happy Britpop Christmas!

They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but after you’ve heard  ‘simply having a wonderful Christmas time’ interminably echoing through every store you dare enter, you just want to pull your hair out. The ultimate panacea for overplayed holiday tunes is a batch of unusual gems and surprising renditions of the songs […]

‘Street Lights’: Pulp vs. Puressence

Pulp – Street Lites Pulp’s b-side ‘Street Lites’ does what Jarvis Cocker does so perfectly: flowing narratives delivered in a sultry whisper, simultaneously a short vignette and sweet nothings purred to a forbidden lover. A combination of sex and Northern kitchen sink drama, affairs and catching people unawares. This is classic Jarvis, and the shimmery […]

I Want You – Pulp vs. Shack

Pulp – I Want You Jarvis is never one to take love lightly. This song is one of the highlights of Pulp’s perfectly outlandish album, Freaks. This is the early album all Pulp fans should give another chance. ‘I Want You’ chronicles the besotted’s premature feelings, running the gamut of emotions, and the length of […]

Watch Pulp’s Full Set From Reading 2011

Festival season is upon us, and with Glastonbury’s thirty-first year now the stuff of myth, perhaps it would be a good time to time travel to past concerts. To start, here is Pulp headlining the Main Stage at Reading on 27 August 2011 (exactly seventeen years after their first Reading appearance in 1994). This is, […]