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Damon Albarn: ‘I Think Oasis Were Better’

Damon Albarn: ‘I Think Oasis Were Better’

Blur or Oasis? This was the most important question in the life of any self-respecting 90s teen. Rivalries between fans of the two bands were as vicious, if not as amusing, as the rivalry between the bands themselves. Now, almost twenty years on, Damon Albarn settles the matter once and for all by declaring Oasis […]

Noel Gallagher Will Reunite Oasis For Half A Billion Pounds (Or Condoms)

Noel Gallagher has made light of the constant Oasis reunion rumors by claiming the he would agree to reform the band for half a billion pounds — or the same amount of condoms. The singer made this curious request last month on talkSPORT. Asked about the latest flurry of speculations over an Oasis reunion, Gallagher […]

Will They Or Won’t They?: Damon Albarn / Noel Gallagher

Damon Albarn has set Britpop hearts a-flutter by revealing that he and former nemesis Noel Gallagher have discussed making music together ‘at least once.’ He told the NME, ‘I still see Noel from time to time. We text a bit.’ When asked about the possibility of a collaboration, Albarn replied, ‘I can imagine that being […]

Inspiral Carpets band shot

Friday Flashback: “Dragging Me Down” by Inspiral Carpets

For today’s flashback tune, we travel back to a scene in 1992 filled with baggy pants and psychedelic revival. If you’re not up on your classics, “Dragging Me Down” is from Manchester band Inspiral Carpets who are said to have been an inspiration for Noel Gallagher, who used to work for the band before the formation of Oasis. Dig the […]

Celebrities Vow To Reunite Feuding Gallaghers

Singer and producer Pharrell Williams recently said that he hopes to reunite the Gallagher brothers because he would love to collaborate with them. Speaking with BBC Newbeat, Williams said, ‘Who wouldn’t want to work with the Gallaghers? Yeah, both of them.’ While his other dream collaborations could come true (Elton John and Stevie Wonder), pairing […]

Noel Gallagher Slagging Off Oasis Videos Is Pure Gold

Watch this newly-uploaded, fan-edited compilation of Noel Gallagher’s most hilarious, scathing, and, often, brutally honest commentary on Oasis videos. Gallagher’s typically caustic jibes have found a refreshing target: his own band’s videos. This priceless collection of his best barbs was taken from the 2010 DVD commentary he provided for Oasis’ career-spanning box set Time Flies. […]

Noel v. Liam: The Illustrated Guide

Artist Jena Ardell hast portrayed our favorite cantankerous rockers, Oasis’ Noel and Liam Gallagher, as we have never seen them before. Her delightfully uncanny line drawings, originally featured on the Dallas Observer blog, are accompanied by real-life stinging insults that the brothers have lobbed at each other. Jen Ardell / quote via: Jen Ardell / quote […]