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MBV’s Kevin Shields Exposes Britpop Conspiracy

MBV’s Kevin Shields Exposes Britpop Conspiracy

In an interview with The Guardian published yesterday, My Bloody Valentine frontman Kevin Shields proselytized that Britpop was part of a government conspiracy. According to The Guardian, Shields ‘reacted angrily to a mention of the Cool Britannia phenomenon,’ the mid-1990s wave of cultural celebration that capitalized on the global successes of Britpop and groups like […]


My Bloody Valentine Album Review: MBV

On Saturday, we were all shocked when Kevin Shields announced that the new My Bloody Valentine record was actually dropping that night. I was in the middle of getting ready for a night out dancing at San Francisco’s premiere Britpop night Leisure. I’m quite late to the party and have only now been able to […]