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Star Shaped Club are holding a summer special with Menswe@r’s Johnny Dean

Right in the middle of festival season, it’s time for something daringly different. Forget frozen drinks and barbecues in the sun  – check out what our friends at Star Shaped Club have cooked up. Headlining a bumper August 1 event,  Menswe@r main man Johnny Dean will play a special DJ set. Dean is the founding […]

Welcome Back Menswe@r For A 2014 Gig

Britpop fans have much to look forward to in 2014. While the promise of projects and live dates from members of Suede, Oasis, and Blur are ever-present, it’s the anticipation of the looming twentieth anniversaries for many of our favorite bands and albums that leave us most excited. Who knows, we might be seeing some […]

Menswear Reacts to Robbie Williams vs. Britpop

Have you been keeping up with Britpopgate 2013? Read our original piece on this debacle for a refresher. Last night, I posted my favorite reactions from Britpop stars to Robbie Williams’ tirade. Some of the bands were name checked on Robbie’s blog, others not. Today, Menswear’s lead singer Johnny Dean and drummer Matt Everitt have […]

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Italian Johnny Dean Interview

**Hat tip again to the lovely Odile Former Menswear lead singer Johnny Dean was interviewed by the Italian website Troublezine. Click the link to read the interview (scroll down for the English translation). Regarding the Menswear news in the pipeline, this is what Johnny had to say: I am considering some kind of Menswe@r project […]

Awesome New Menswe@r Site Goes Live

Hat tip to the ever lovely Odile for linking me to this fancy new Menswe@r website. Here’s hoping a reunion is on the horizon for our favorite Camden lads. Johnny Dean mentioned that “something’s in the pipeline” but he hasn’t mentioned what. Could Nuisance be getting a shiny reissue? We’ll keep you updated.

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Mensweargate 2012

According to Holy Moly, the Menswe@r Nuisance platinum story was nothing but an elaborate hoax by guitarist Chris Gentry and lead singer Johnny Dean did not find it funny (correction: He did!). Drummer Matt Everitt expressed his doubts about Nuisance being certified platinum to the NME: “To be honest, the idea that Nuisance had sold […]

Today I’m Thankful for Menswe@r

Who knew that so many people would want to revisit their old copies of Nuisance in honor of it achieving platinum status in worldwide sales? Obviously the question now begs who exactly has been buying Nuisance in recent years but I digress. I assume its thanks to those of us who have tracked down vinyl […]

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Menswear B-Sides

As we come down from the collective high of the news of Nuisance supposedly going platinum, let’s revisit some awesome Menswear b-sides! “Sunday Driver” from the “Sleeping In” single “This Will Be Our Year” Zombies cover from the “Being Brave” single “Satellite” from the “Stardust” single “Now Is the Hour” from the “Sleeping In” single […]

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Menswear’s Nuisance Goes Platinum

Though it was released in 1995, Menswear’s debut album Nuisance has only just gone platinum. In 1995, it managed to make it all the way to number 11 in the British music charts and to number 25 in the Japanese music charts. Not shockingly, it didn’t even make a splash in the US. On 16 […]