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5 Sketches Of Britpop Stars Suffering Everyday Problems

5 Sketches Of Britpop Stars Suffering Everyday Problems

Modern life really is rubbish as Jersey Milk Cow’s brilliant illustrations of former Britpop stars dealing with the mundane aspects of everyday life can attest. In his series, ‘Stars of the Britpop Era Encounter Inner City Pressure,’ the illustrator captures his subjects with uncanny simplicity and also alerts us to the very real catastrophes any […]

What’s In A Name: 8 Bands That Go By Their First Names

Britpop in the ’90s was a friendly scene. We abandoned all formalities, and many of us were known only by our first names. Meet some of the bands we were introduced to during that great decade. My Name Is: James (1982-) James formed in 1982 in (a rented room in?) Whalley Range, Manchester. Early incarnations […]


Songs About London

In less than three weeks, I’ll say farewell to the San Francisco Bay Area for a few days and hello to London. I’m the stereotypical American Anglophile. London is so heavily woven into the music, films and books that I’ve loved since childhood. Whenever I am lucky enough to travel to the UK, it’s a […]

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Gene Reunion Not Likely

In a recent interview with Drowned In Sound’s Marc Burrows, former Gene front man Martin Rossiter is quoted as saying: I’m sure now would be a very apt time to reform Gene, but I would rather eat my own penis. Fried. With shallots. Ouch. Martin goes on to say that he doesn’t believe in reuniting […]

Martin Rossiter Defrensation of Music Album Cover

New Video from Martin Rossiter

The first solo album from former Gene front man Martin Rossiter is here! The Defenestration of St. Martin has already made a positive impression on music critics and fans alike. BBC’s David Quantick dubbed it “a late contender for album of the year.” The record’s first single is the heart achingly gorgeous piano ballad “Drop […]

Have You Pledged for Martin Rossiter?

Former Gene frontman Martin Rossiter‘s debut solo album drops in 36 days. Have you pledged and pre-ordered your copy of the Defenestration of St. Martin yet? If not, you can do so here. Here’s a preview of one of the tracks from the upcoming release. Rest assured, he still writes the songs that make grown […]