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Bernard Butler’s Band Trans To Release ‘Green’ EP

Bernard Butler’s Band Trans To Release ‘Green’ EP

We all know the famously prickly Bernard Butler through his blistering, howling guitar that perfectly complemented bandmate Brett Anderson’s street tramp yowl in the first incarnation of Suede. After splitting with the band in 1994, he collaborated with a motley crew of talents, notably David McAlmont, as well as releasing two solo albums at the […]

‘Yes’: McAlmont & Butler vs. Manic Street Preachers

Yes, both of these songs are great, but which one is your favorite? McAlmont & Butler – Yes After leaving Suede, guitar virtuoso Bernard Butler joined forces with David McAlmont to create a unique soul/rock hybrid that was unlike anything else in the popular British music scene. And it was most certainly a departure from […]

‘Autograph’: The Charlatans vs. Bernard Butler

When you’re famous, everyone wants a piece of you. Paparazzi cameras flash, and fans constantly hound you for autographs. Which of these ‘Autograph’s would you prefer? The Charlatans – Autograph The Charlatans reached new heights of bagginess with their 1994 album, Up To Our Old Hips. The Charlatans’ ‘Autograph’ is a mellowed-out psych-shoegaze stomp that […]