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Supersonic – The Documentary


It’s what all Oasis fans have been waiting for. Even non-fans are aware of the tumultuous relationship between Liam and Noel, the spats that left other band members seemingly walk from the line-up, the iconic gigs that drew crowds of thousands and left us with some of the most talked about backstage antics of the last 20 years. But not until now have we seen all the jaw dropping exploits, sexploits and debauchery documented in one 2 hour package.

So we all know (well, we think we know) what happened, so why the hype? The same reason we all loved Amy, Montage of Heck and so on. It’s the visual equivalent of a musical tabloid but with a little more integrity and a lot less bullshit. Director Mat Whitecross has delivered to every Oasis fans inner voyeur to put together this no holds barred look at what brought the band together, what made them one of Britain’s biggest rock n roll bands and what eventually tore them apart. Along with the brothers, past band members and family have contributed. Gig footage, in depth interviews and rare archive material make this the most comprehensive retrospective of a band off the back of which a generation was built and the course of music in the 90’s was changed.

The release of the film has not been without its controversy, Liam has tweeted that the film will be biblical, but was outraged at the plans for the premier to be in London, not Manchester where the band hailed from.

And of course, no slice of Oasis history could go down without the riff between Liam and Noel being re-ignited every now and then. A spat that has gone seemingly quiet (for them) over the years has been sparked by Liam calling his brother a “porcelain knob” for giving the London premier the thumbs up. Noel however has kept relatively quiet regarding the film and the hype that surrounds it, stating that he has done his interviews and he believes Liam comes out of the film relatively well.

Supersonic premiers in the UK on October 2nd and goes on general release on October 14th.