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Suede Interview with the Quietus

Is everyone ridiculously excited about the new Suede album Bloodsports? I know I am. Brett Anderson and Mat Osman sat down with Luke Turner of the Quietus to discuss the new record, the band itself and where Suede fits into the music world in 2013. From the interview:

Did you feel that, like with the gigs, you had a point to prove?

BA: Absolutely. We didn’t want A New Morning to be the last Suede album. We wanted to say ‘we can actually do this well’. It’s always been like that with Suede, we’ve always had a point to prove. It’s never a thing where we can coast, and when we have coasted it’s gone wrong. I see other bands and they just seem to coast and for some reason they manage to stay together and people don’t kick them to death. For some reason, Suede always have to be at the top of their game to work.

You can read Luke Turner’s interview with Suede here. Bloodsports is due out March 19. Suede plays London’s Alexandra Palace on March 30.

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