Pretty Green

Stormy Weather Songs

Hurricane Sandy is upon us! While I am now a San Francisco girl, I attended college in the great city of Boston. Only a few of my friends have remained in Beantown while all of the others are in New York and New Jersey. Naturally, Sandy (tell me about it, stud!) has me quite worried for their safety. Last night, I posted Richard Hawley’s “There’s A Storm A-Comin” and dedicated to all those east coasters. Today, a few other Britpop songs about storms popped into my head. If you’ve still got power and internet, let this play list soundtrack your Sandy. If you’re elsewhere in the world, enjoy the songs all the same!

The Verve – “Stormy Clouds”

Jarvis Cocker – “Heavy Weather”

The Music – “Raindance”

Placebo – “English Summer Rain”

The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Happy When It Rains”

Travis – “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?”

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