Pretty Green

Stories From The Week That Was

Do You Know The Band Ride? – You may know of them because of Andy Bell the bassist in Oasis but many knew them as an influential band from the early 90’s shoegaze scene.

Happy Birthday, Rick Witter! – The Shed 7 front man passes another year! Happy Birthday doots!

Mensweargate 2012 – SRS DRAMAZ. Seriously, chill the fuck out. There are more important things to care about such as what shirt I’m wearing tomorrow and should I wash out the coffee stain of it before heading outside

Isn’t This Baby Picture Of Damon Albarn A Great Way To Start Your Week! – Yes indeed it is a great way to start. Isn’t Damon cute?

The Stone Roses Second Coming album – What went wrong?
The Stone Roses second album is a well documented hit or miss one depending on who you ask. Here’s our take on what might have gone wrong with it.

New Music Monday: Jake Bugg – You need to listen to this guy because of his unique brand of british pop folk guitar music.