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Stone Roses Live Video From Hultsfred Festival Thread

Sorry to report in but as of right now there is NO video from the hultsfred festival show. But the good news is that the Amsterdam’s show issues proved to be a non-issue in Sweden. Maybe it was the meatballs or the previous town’s herbs. My guess was it was really some kind of attempt to generate some press. Regardless of that, no video? How is that even possible? We’re almost a day later and zilch? It kind of happened with the Warrington show, but eventually more videos came out.

The good side of this show is that they played Standing Here and Something’s Burning so there is some possibility of a varied setlist depending on moods? I guess? There is also a report from NME (take that with a grain of salt) that Reni came out with the dreadlock wig. My only guess is that this is some kind of joke towards Robbie Maddiux. Which, I hope it is, I kind of like.

*update: there is obviously now ONE video.*

I wanna be adored


‘Love Spreads’
‘I Wanna Be Adored’
‘Made Of Stone’
‘Standing Here’
‘Ten Storey Love Song’
‘Where Angels Play’
‘Shoot You Down’
‘Fools’ Gold’
‘Something’s Burning’
‘Don’t Stop’
‘This Is The One’
‘She Bangs The Drums’
‘I Am The Resurrection’