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Stone Roses Hong Kong Live Video Thread

Way to go Hong Kong! Thanks for filiming this stuff in 1080p. I know I’m a repeating record so i’ll shut up…

If you listen to love spreads you’ll see ian rap. Good, or bad? I can’t tell.

here are the lyrics…
A pen and a paper, a stereo, a tape
All this with a nice big plate of
Fish, which is my favourite dish
But without no money it’s just a wish
Now I don’t have to dream about getting paid
I dig into the books of the rhymes I’ve made
I hit the studio and get paid in full
Sugar spun sisters outgoing the distance Get me, I’m seeking some assistance High in the realms tonight, Sky-high like a meteorite I’m easy like the holy ghost Ain’t no voice, it’s just a toast High in the realms tonight, Sky-high like a meteorite Stone Roses all the rage Stone Roses up on the stage Not a pause, down the doors Let’s have a round of applause

Love Spreads

Made of Stone

She Bangs the Drums and I am the ressurection

Fools Gold

This is the One

Sugar Spun Sister

Date: JUL-24-2012
Venue: Asia-World Expo, Hong Kong