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‘Still Life’: Suede vs. The Horrors

Our similarly named song toss-up today is an exciting one: ‘Still Life’ by Suede and/or The Horrors. Both songs are spectacular, but results may come down to whether one prefers classic or newer British rock.

Suede – Still Life

Brett Anderson’s haunting ‘Still Life’ is the coda of Suede’s second album, Dog Man Star. Brett has written several songs from the point of view of a troubled housewife, including this. ‘I feel quite akin to housewives for some reason,’ he told the NME in 1995. Brett’s mounting vocals and the layered forty-piece orchestra lends a grandiosity to ‘Still Life.’ This is just one of many epic Suede tracks.

The Horrors – Still Life

London-based band The Horrors are enthusiastic fans of Suede. Was Suede’s own ‘Still Life’ in mind when they penned this song? While The Horrors may not sound much like Suede, their album Skying has the same sort of layered lushness that features in Dog Man Star. Add to that a bit of dreamy shoegazing, and you’ve got the shimmery perfection of this album (which has been recommended by Brett Anderson in several interviews). The Horrors are also famously known for having a thin legs policy in the band.

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