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‘Something For The Weekend’: The Divine Comedy vs. Super Furry Animals

Two more bands with two separate songs that happen to have the same name. That’s the theme of this series.

‘Something for the weekend, sir?’ If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Britpop, it’s how to have a good time. Apparently we get up to seedy things on our weekends, if these two songs are any indication. The Divine Comedy’s take on the title is dripping with lust, while Super Furry Animals have illicit chemicals on their mind. Let us know which sinful tune you’d rather partake in!

The Divine Comedy – Something For The Weekend

The divine Neil Hannon sets his chamber pop firmly towards Venice where he plays Casanova to a mischievous signorina. The music shimmers like the sun glancing off the surface of the Grand Canal. This dandy of a tune became the first major success for the Divine Comedy. Despite the weary sophistication of the song and its accompanying video, the title is a bit lewd. It actually refers to a barber’s euphemistic way of asking their clientele if they’re in need of condoms.

Super Furry Animals – Something 4 The Weekend

Gruff Rhys and co give us a tour of their psychedelic candy factory in this rundown of hallucinogenic experiences good and bad (mostly good). This infectious three minute sing-along appears on their debut, Fuzzy Logic, though this particular version stems from the titular single.

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