Pretty Green

Some Beady Eye News…

I’m not exactly a fan of quoting news that has not been announced officially from the band’s mouth but I’ll give this a go. I’ll quote the place that quotes a fucking tabloid as it’s news which goes on to say say a new Beady Eye song “….will be played on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show on the Monday night” (April 15th).

We’ve already heard The world’s not set in stone so there’s that, I guess. I’d love to say that I believe this news, but after 15 years of reading false stories on that website there is always a bit of mistrust going on for me. Sorry. I’m bitter.

The Beady Eye camp has been quiet apart from a  facebook post that links to twitter which links right back to instagram. That’s 2013 band social media for you. The only real news we have is that they’ll be at the V festival: