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‘So Young’: Suede vs. The Stone Roses

Remember when we were so young and so gone? Consult your misery dictionaries and tell us which of these two songs you like best!


Suede’s video for ‘So Young’ drips with all the love, poison, and tragic beauty that the boys could muster. It features gratuitous shots of the band perched precariously on Brett’s piano and Bernie hugging his guitar for dear life. But, we’re not rating the video, are we? Suede’s song is the last single from their debut album, and, get this, it will be 20 years old — officially — this coming Friday!

The Stone Roses

Reni bangs the drums while Ian Brown belts it out (mostly) unintelligibly. ‘So Young’ is driven by a powerful beat and swelling guitars that make way for Ian’s a cappella wails. The outro is accompanied by a haunting incantation of ‘and when there’s a will there’s a way.’ Technically, this song should sound terrible, but the Stone Roses make it work. It’s one of their simplest yet most intriguing songs. ‘So Young’ was released in 1985 as a double a-side single with ‘Tell Me’ and later released on Garage Flower. Ian Brown has said that he wouldn’t pay 20p for this single. Would you?

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