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‘Sleep’: Marion vs. Longpigs

Marion – Sleep

Could this be one of the most underappreciated Britpop songs of all-time? It has all the elements of pop brilliance: an energetic beat, driving guitars, intriguing vocals, and most importantly, a couple of catchy harmonica breaks. Or, maybe I’ve ‘too much spandex on the brain,’ whatever that means. Okay, this song is mostly nonsense, but it’s great nonsense.


Longpigs – Sleep

Longpig’s ‘Sleep’ is a bittersweet lullaby to a lover who won’t be kept. While the narrator cherishes every moment of their relationship, he knows it won’t last forever. While it’s not fair to make comparisons, the vocals do have a sort of drawn-out Thom Yorke-style. The heartbroken lyrics are perfectly complemented by Richard Hawley’s languorous guitar ramblings. The music builds with the singer’s realization that ‘I’ll have to carry on without you.’

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Britpopping since I first heard 'Animal Nitrate' in 1993

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