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Shoegaze in a New Decade: Youngteam release second album – Fading Into Night

Three years ago, Swedish band Youngteam released their critically acclaimed debut album Daydreamer, and now they’re back with an album that both falls back to and rises from what they left to the world last time.

Forming in their native Stockholm, Youngteam began as a musical collective with two full-time members and a rotating cast of musicians on their debut EP Mossnosjesbandet. Having featured a number of notable musicians in their lineup, including Anna Järvinen (previously associated with Granada and Dungen), Youngteam are now a stable four-piece including members from Penti and Speedmarket Avenue.

Stability seems to have swung in the band’s favour, because their latest offering, Fading Into Night, revels in cohesion and confidence.

Just like it’s title track, Fading Into Night, as a full-length, nine-track album, is moody and bold but dispersed with unashamed moments of perspective and pause. Recorded with top Swedish producer Mattias Glava (Dungen, Soundtrack of Our Lives) at the helm, Fading Into Night is both brilliantly turbulent and seamlessly sleek – its beauty in each field ensuring its cohesive and accomplished finish.


Equal parts untamed and tempered, Fading Into Night‘s beauty comes from its incredible moments of overlap and complementation. 

Unlike their moodier companions – Dugpas and Black Rider – Into Light, 1974 and Shadows lose themselves to gloriously down-trodden tempos charactered by vocals that echo through stars and back via a masterful web of loose, layered guitars. Go To Sleep follows a similar formula, a dark path paved with beautiful stones, to arrive at a wonderfully nightmarish lullaby.

It’s songs like these that make Youngteam sound like the Brian Jonestown Massacre walking through a dark forest at midnight, among towering pine trees, quiet, silver brooks and creatures of the night. There’s a waiting danger there, but it’s the beauty of the craft and a suspended suspense that holds you in awe, not a wrathful onslaught of fuzzy guitars. Unsurprisingly, Youngteam have featured prominently on Northern Star Record’s legendary Psychedelica compilation series alongside their influences and contemporaries the Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, The Telescopes, The Hiss, The Electric Soft Parade, The Nova Saints, and The December Sound, among many others.

Despite the comparative darkness of the album overall, Fading Into Night proves that Youngteam know how to provide balance. With just the right amount of melodic momentum to remain addictive, Fading Into Night loses nothing to well-placed surging fuzz and retains emotion, clarity and vision.

Surely an album highlight, It’s Getting Dark greets you with mellow resonance that falls naturally to a build in progression and the introduction of some mind-cleansing vocal tracks and lyrics of beautiful intimacy (“Fantasy, you and I / Come along, take me home / To where I belong”).

Such sweetly delivered vocals ebb and flow like a midnight tide throughout the entire album, in and out between the lavish musical textures the album boasts. An example of the album’s legacy of beautiful darkness rising from beautiful lightness, Dead Sun closes Fading Into Night as a reminder of its entire form. Building softly on a languid foundational riff that carries the song through increasingly rapturous terrain, the track and album falls to a final comedown that demands the album’s instant replay. And replay it you will.

Fading Into Night will be released on March 24.

To pre-order Fading Into Night, head to:

Youngteam will also  headline the forthcoming Northern Star Weekender which takes place at The Windmill in Brixton on 29th March 2014.

For more information on the Weekender, click here.


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