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Shoegaze in a New Decade: Northern Star Records Release Split 7″ Single

Northern Star regulars The Electric Mainline and Soundwire have teamed up to release a split 7″ single featuring the tracks All Too Much and A Little Death.

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The Electric Mainline’s Scott Causer (who also co-founded Northern Star Records), says the split single is a natural fit for both bands and the songs on the single.

“The plan is to join forces and give people double trouble,” he explains.

“There’s people who are into one band who probably haven’t heard of the other.  This way people get the chance to hear two great bands and have two A-Sides for the price of one.  We’re both into each other’s music – we’ve been like a mutual appreciation society for a while.”

Though the line-ups of both The Electric Mainline and Soundwire have changed dramatically over the years and not all members know each other, Causer says contact between the bands has deep roots and is likely to strengthen in the near future.

I’ve been in contact with Pete [Moore, of Soundwire] for a long, long time back from when he was in Shooter. … [Our bands] are planning to join forces for some shows in 2014. So there’ll be time for everyone to get to know each other then I guess.”

Joining forces on the single, the bands have slightly differing takes on heady guitar music. London-based band The Electric Mainline’s All Too Much combines elements of shoegaze, punk and psychedelia with undeviating, punk vocals pushing through an uncompromising foundation of brash, spiralling guitars. A sudden drop leads into Swansea-based band Soundwire’s more krautrock-styled psych presence. Grounded in the continuous tribal beats that begin and sustain A Little Death, the single’s second track leaves more room for more spiritual, reverb-soaked guitars and exhaled, echoed vocals.

Both songs come together well – and came together well in the first place, as Causer explains of the initial matchmaking.

“After our single release show last year everyone went off to do their own thing and I was at a loose end, so I re-recorded All Too Much.  I gave it to Matty Parsons from Head In The Shed who worked his magic, and when I received the final mix back, I thought it was so good we’d use it for the next single.  I knew Pete was working on new music so asked if they wanted to join forces.”

And joining forces is exactly what they did. Both songs bring out the best in each other, and the split single is almost nine minutes of intoxication for those who enjoy their music fuzzy, loud… And Welsh?

“Come to think about it every person who made music on this record is from Wales,” Causer remembers, “So this product is a 100% Welsh product!”

The Electric Mainline/Soundwire 7” will be released on March 31st and can be pre-ordered at:

Both tracks can be heard at:

The Electric Mainline and Soundwire also feature on Live Revolution, a live highlights album from the Northern Star Weekender 2013, and are set to play the Weekender again this year, in London on March 28th-30th. Britpop News will have more on this year’s Weekender shortly, so stay tuned.

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