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Shoegaze in a New Decade: Juleah does Spacemen 3, reinvents Carter Family classic

A couple of days ago, independent artist and all-’round amazing musician, Juleah, posted a photo on Twitter with a cryptic tease that she was working on a new cover – a song by Spacemen 3.

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Let your imaginations run wild for a moment. And now know that her choice is brilliant, if perhaps unexpected. Today the secret has been revealed – her latest cover is inspired by the Spacemen 3 interpretation of the Carter Family classic Can the Circle be Unbroken (By and By).

Almost 90 years after The Carter Family recorded this American folk/country classic, Juleah has given the song a thoroughly psychedelic treatment, deeper and darker than Spacemen 3’s airy folk imagining of the track.

Through Juleah’s typically gentle if slightly sultry vocals, May the Circle Be Unbroken carries the depth and forlorn of the song’s hymnal origins. However, just to prove she can not put a foot wrong, Juleah has amped up the contextual references with layered psychedelic hues, grounding the track in a deep bass line and gentle percussion, and washing it all over with a swathe of rich, reverberating guitar tones.

As usual, the repeatability of this Juleah cover is astounding.

You can download Juleah’s original works – for free or any price you name – Entangled and EntwinedShimmering Road and Juleah EP from her BandCamp page:

You can also find Juleah on Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter and YouTube:

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