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Shoegaze in a New Decade: The Carousels release debut album ‘Love Changes Like the Seasons’

SleeveLayout-DW.pdf The Carousels are organic. Read that to mean what you will, and it’s probably right. A psychedelic folk/country band from Keith, Scotland, The Carousels’ music carries an air of innocence and earnestness, combining country soul and pop sensibilities. Having already found success with self-released songs like Marianne and Call Along the Coast, The Carousels are about to release their debut album Love Changes Like the Seasons.

Featuring seven new tracks alongside selected highlights from the band’s self-release back catalogue (Sweet Northern Light and Call Along the Coast), Love Changes Like The Seasons is a solid 40 minutes of pleasure palatable for fans of all veins of rock, country and pop.

The Carousels debut sees the band tipping their hats to their country contemporaries of yesteryear while combing the fringes of alternative rock for the perfectly suited nuances of novelty to their psych/folk leanings. My Beating Heart opens Love Changes Like the Seasons, and with its beautiful lyrics, rich 12-string sounds, gentle strings and sweet vocal harmonies, the song canvases much of the album’s scope.

“You won’t find love at first sight/ Ain’t nothin’ fate can do / It will brighten your lonely nights but it won’t stop you from feelin’ blue,” The Carousels assure listeners with whittled charm on Never Know What Love Is.  Slide guitars, 12-strings, brushed up-tempo beats and fiddles accompany the lyrical yearning, a timeworn blend that prevails throughout the entire album. Tracks like Where I Fall delight in such country formulas, layered with harmonious melodies and harmonicas. photo-2 While you’ll swear the southern twang isn’t exclusive to the band’s guitars (listen closely to those vocals), Love Changes Like the Season also taps into features of modern psych. Retaining melodious charm and lyrical grace, the album also dips into deeper bass, heavier guitar and percussion (Marianne and Call Along The Coast), and even brightly coloured La’s-esque riffs (Drifting Back). (I Hope I Never) Get You Off My Back’s sleepy harmonica, sweeping slide guitars and melodious vocals brings the Love Changes With The Seasons to a beautifully hazy end.

Having created a 21st century album that’s a ‘60s pop and psychedelia hybrid built upon a solid country foundation, it’s unsurprising The Carousels’ influences include the likes of Gene Clark, The Byrds and Gram Parsons. The Carousels’ strong, distinctive sound has earned them airplay on KEXP Radio and Steve Lamaq’s BB6 Music show, and placement on Northern Star Records’ legendary Psychedelica series. The band also has extensive live experience, having played the International Pop Overthrow Festival three years running, as well as the 2013 and 2014 Northern Star Weekender. Their reception at this year’s Weekender earned them an appearance on Live Revolution, the vinyl-only release featuring live highlights from the festival. “Once a Carousel, always a Carousel” the band quip on their Facebook page.

Given their reception thus fur, and how quickly you’re likely to fall in love with their rapidly evolving sound, perhaps they should add: “Once a Carousels fan, always a Carousels fan” – though they’re probably too modest for that.

Love Changes Like The Seasons will be released in September on CD (Northern Star Records) and on vinyl (Sugarbush Records).

Watch the music video for My Beating Heart here.

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The Carousels will be touring the UK throughout September and October in support of Love Changes Like The Seasons. They will play London’s Brixton Windmill with The High Dials on Saturday 11th October 2014.

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