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Shoegaze in a New Decade: Sunstack Jones release brilliant new single ‘Good This Time’

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 9.32.51 pmShoegazers and psych lovers, have I got a treat for you.

Sunstack Jones, yet another great band from England’s North, have unveiled their latest offering to the world.

‘Good This Time’ is a shimmering gem of a single. Introduced to me by a friend as “reminiscent of the kind of dreamy ballads [Richard] Ashcroft used to write”, Sunstack Jones had a tall order to fill. And yes, they did stack up.

‘Good This Time’ does indeed glide sleepily through Verve-territory (in fact, the band are endorsed by Mr Nick McCabe himself), but nostalgia is nowhere to be found. While glistening McCabe-esque meanderings become the song’s mainstay, it’s the track’s unique progression and pacing that provide the most pleasure.

“Listen, and I’ll try to talk you out. Listen, get your feet back on the ground,” vocalist Chris Jones begins to plead. As poetic as his words are, his lovely voice may as well be drowning beneath the music for much of the song’s duration. Far from being a disservice to the vocalist, this is a glorious occurrence.

‘Good This Time’ is at its blissful peak when every component of the track falls together in a gently chaotic undertow. As the tempo rises and lyrics obscure, Jones’ faraway vocals and the soothing sonics of electric guitars are woven together by a warm current of acoustic guitars. And then it all falls away, only to rise again as verses allow.


Thankfully, Sunstack Jones have more where this came from. Having formed in 2011, the band have released two albums – Surefire Ways To Sweeten The Mind in 2012, and Roam in 2014. 

‘Good This Time’ will be released as a two-track single with ‘This Can’t Keep Going On’. Due out on June 22, the single will be released on vinyl and as a digital download on the band’s own label, Mammoth Bell Recording Co.

For more info head on over to the band’s website at:

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