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Shoegaze in a New Decade: Don’t You Know The Electric Mainline?

“Dirty, gritty rock and roll is needed,” Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Peter Hayes once said. And The Electric Mainline have delivered: with, quite appropriately, a song about lust. Coming from a band steeped in shoegaze, psych and noise rock, Don’t You Know is suitably fuzzy and built atop a cornerstone of crunchy guitars.


Written five years ago, Don’t You Know was born from a “Stooges style” riff that came to Electric Mainline front man and Northern Star Records co-founder Scott Causer’s head. Captured as a rough demo, the distinctive riff was recorded as it was written, and the rest of the track would come from there.

“When we started the live band it became the obvious set-opener and as we played it got faster. When we arrived back from [a tour in] Germany, Rob and I sat down at mine and recorded an 8-track demo which was more reflective of how it was being played live. This was meant to be a guide before we went in the studio to record it properly,” Causer elaborates.

Written in exactly the same way as most other songs Causer pens, the approach to recording Don’t You Know was simple: a bass and an 8-track.

“We did go in to record it in a really nice studio but we weren’t happy with the end results,” he explains.

“It sounded tame, and it’s a song about lust so we wanted it to sound dirty. We couldn’t use the pro studio recording. What you’re hearing on the single is actually the original 8-track demo.”

Don’t You Know as a single comes backed with four remixes: the HiTS Remix, the Millrock Remix, the Teenage Sin Taste Remix, and How Deep Is Your Cut?. A Deep Cut remix featuring ex-members of Death In Vegas and Revolver, How Deep Is Your Cut? is a jig-sawed and noisy, yet curiously delicate and spacey, take on the track, which Causer describes as “one of the best things I’ve ever put out on Northern Star”.

Released on Northern Star Records, Don’t You Know is out this Saturday, the 15th of June.

Stay tuned for an interview with lads from The Electric Mainline and an in-depth look at the band’s history and music.

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