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Shoegaze in a New Decade: Celebrating Modern Purveyors of Psychedelia

Guitar pedalsIt seems a quick glance at any of the charts these days will yield the names of a bounty of bands riding the wave of popularity that currently comes from borrowing the “right” (and only the “right”) guitar sounds of Britpop’s brothers, psychedelia and shoegaze. As ever, the mainstream remains oblivious to the working class of the genres. Its existence is not safeguarded nor silenced, but there exists an underground: a prolific community of modern psych bands whose solidarity is based not only on fuzzy guitars and ethereal vocals, but also on a principle of social conscience. Of their music, one thing remains central: the sweet noise remains true to the work of the pioneers of their craft.

And so comes the Britpop News mini-series “Shoegaze in a New Decade”, a collection of reviews and interviews which will highlight the music and minds of some of the best underground (mostly) British bands spinning galaxies with their explorations of psychedelia and shoegaze.

To get the ball rolling, Britpop News talked to The Electric Mainline’s Scott Causer, co-founder of the record label Northern Star Records. Among a handful of pieces on other bands including Chatham Rise and Exit Calm, upcoming articles will explore The Electric Mainline and Northern Star Records in depth, but firstly the focus is on the festival that calls Northern Star Records home: The Northern Star Weekender. Stay tuned!

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