Pretty Green

Shed Seven live – your highlights?

I heard someone mention Christmas the other day, which can only mean one thing……a Sheds tour.

It’s as much a part of the festivities as turkey and Pictionary, right? For most people, Christmas is all about the gift giving, over indulging food wise, the annual contact with those relatives you don’t actually know. For me, if December passes and I haven’t stood in a wet, freezing cold queue outside an o2 academy waiting for Mr Witter et al then I am doing Christmas massively wrong. And this year will be absolutely no exception. As if the indie gods live isn’t like Christmas come early, this year will see the band tour with musical giants Inspiral Carpets.

So 21 years after the release of Change Giver, what is it that is making this album sound better and better every single year? I spoke to Rick some time back who made it abundantly clear that Shed Sevens back catalogue is complete, that there will be no more new material. A bad thing? Most definitely not. Witter still has the wiry swagger of the 22 year old I saw in ’94, clearly enjoying the biennial Shed reunion as much as the fans.

It’s very easy for a bands magnum opus to get somewhat tarnished after the sufferance of a failed rebirth. Some last ditch attempts to revive glory days can often serve to do nothing more than cast a shadow over the good bits and leave those bits best left forgotten, very much unforgotten. Is that their secret? That all we remember is when it was good? There was nothing after the good stuff, just reliving the good stuff year after year after year. Ocean Pie/On An Island With You is still in my all-time top 5 indie slowies, what’s your live Sheds highlight?