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SF Britpop Girl Goes to London

Did you all miss me while I was away in London? Our flat in Hackney didn’t have WiFi so I only had limited internet access on my phone. Oh well – I have now seen Suede live and it truly doesn’t get much better than that. My fellow writer Phil covered the Alexandra Palace show here on BPN so I won’t rehash what he has already said though I agree completely that the show was nearly perfect. My little Suede-loving heart would have exploded had they played “Stay Together” but I am quite happy to have received “Sleeping Pills.” The new songs from Bloodsports sounded amazing. Additionally, the band seemed to really be enjoying themselves.

I wrote about my adventures for the Huffington Post’s travel blog. If you’re interested in what I got up to in London with my friends, read on. I traveled with my vegan friend so I have also linked to some of the best vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants in the city. From my travel blog:

We finally took the Tube out to Wood Green. There, we spotted buses shuttling Suede fans up the hill to the Alexandra Palace. As I boarded the Suede bus, I felt like a giddy teenager. I’ve been an avid Suede devotee since my mid-teens but unfortunately they rarely if ever tour the U.S. If Suede weren’t coming to me, I just had to go to them.

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