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‘Runaway’: Super Furry Animals vs. Lush

Super Furry Animals – Run-Away

I had to opt for the video version of this song because it’s so brilliant. ‘Run-Away’ opens with Gruff Rhys’ thick Welsh accent informing us that the song is based on a true story (‘which would be fine if it weren’t autobiographical’). ‘Run-Away’ is apparently about a love gone sour, and it owes its debt to Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound. But, let’s face it, nothing has ever sounded bad behind that Wall, and Super Furry Animals make it sound even more epic. The clever video was directed by actor and director Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) and stars actor/musician/voice of Volvic water, Matt Berry.


Lush – Runaway

‘Runaway’ starts out as pure escapism and spirals down towards chaos and addiction. It recalls the point where nights out cease to be a bit of a laugh and become a lifestyle heavily relied upon to cope with life. The swelling, metallic guitars spin out of control much like that downward spiral, and Miki Berenyi’s ethereal wail goes down the drain along with it. ‘Runaway’ was released on their final album, 1996’s Lovelife.

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