Pretty Green

Robert Smith Playing Three Song While The Band Fixes Broken Equipment Should Happen All The Time

WOAH. I understand that over the past 30 some odd years Robert Smith has played these songs 150,000 times… well, I lie, probably 149,232 times, but even still he’s played them a lot. I also understand that he’s done acoustic versions of these song too. So this doesn’t make it very special at all. But to see him so seemingly happy and on a whim playing these songs to not make the fans wait is pretty god damn awesome. You Lucky Southside Festival fans you! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen the Charlatans play and wait..and…wait..and…wait. Or any other band that loves to take their time because, you know, I’m stupid enough to pay money to see these guys play. Not like them being jerks will make me buy their cd’s/mp3 any faster – I’ll still download them all the same. Now what was I talking about? The Cure, oh yeah. Well, this is great. I like seeing musicians giving a crap about the audiences experiences. /soapbox