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Robbie Williams Keeps on Touring And Touring And Touring

Robbie Williams. Do you love him, or hate him? Obviously his dust up with the good folks we follow and was covered rather extensivly. I also poked some fun at him because lets be serious, we all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Sure some would rank him as a throwaway pop star making forgettable music, but we would beg to differ. Sure, he’s had some misses over the years, and quite possibly has a few screws loose but looking back at his long career proves that Williams has something to offer to music. For me, it’s a bit of nostalgia.

Robbie Williams Music

You may remember Williams first appearing on the music scene in the early 1990s as a member of the boy band Take That. A little embarrassing to look back on, but come on – tell me you didn’t like this song?

Williams broke out on his own and found a very successful solo career. He blasted worldwide airwaves with his hits “Angel” and “Millennium.” He did his best James Bond impersonation in the Millennium video, embodying the very meaning of pop star: flashy, egotistically, and handsome. You can see it below.

Seeing Robbie Williams in Concert

I do have to admit that I saw Robbie Williams in concert, once. Heading in I have to say I really didnt expect much from a guy who was in a boy band. Sure you’re thinking >I< would be in a boy band but to accept you are anything “artistic” or musically forward thinking, as these boys and girls always do, by trying to believe that they are more than a footnote in history is silly. You are part of a machine because you possess one exceptional talent and made to recycle a look that is proven to sell time and time again.

Wait, I’m losing my train of thought. Where was I? Oh yeah..not being bitter.

A part of me doesn’t really remember much from that show (it was 16 years ago after all) but one cool little bit of history is that Chris Sharrock, who is the current drummer for Beady Eye, was drumming for Robbie at the time. In the end after my clowning on Robbie I really have to see you should see the guy. He’s quite an entertainer, I cannot deny this. The man puts on a show.  And lucky you, you now can see him. Go here for Robbie Williams Tickets.