Pretty Green

Remember When We All Totally Loved Gene?

And then we grew up.

I KID. I KID! Ok! I KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID! Gene is still great – for those of us who continuously want to relive the first moment we fell in love with The Smiths. Yes, I went there. Gene is great, but without Morrissey there is no Gene. We need to really understand that. And it’s not even necessarily a bad thing, ok? The lyrical content, the produced sound, and the music changes makes everything so very Smiths sounding with very slight differences. And this is music 101. Take the sum of what you like and put it together in your own way. I suppose this is the history of music post the Blues, right? You could say that everything is derivative in some way. Egyptian temple rock 60 b.c. 4-EVER! I don’t know. Who cares really. I don’t and you don’t!

So back to Gene. Gene really mattered for a short period of time in the mid 90’s. They had a string of songs that were so locked together starting with “Haunted by You” that they really sounded refreshing. To me they were a great compliment to the Brit-pop sound weighted against Oasis.

I understand The Beatles were….The Beatles. And everybody wanted to sound like the Beatles. Even these modern day boy bands are just Beatles songs minus the jangly guitar sounds, but with good drummers! And then during the 90’s every new band loved Oasis and The Beatles and wanted to sound like the both of them. Gene on the other hand loved The Smiths more than Oasis. They had beautiful jangly guitars with a Marshall stack behind it. But counter that with riveting chorus’s sung by a louder than life singer and there is your subtle difference. Oh who am I kidding! Lets try this again. Take that Marshall stack and instead of power chords add jangly riffs then change up the lyrics from Psychedelia and Booze to complete lovelorn and you have Gene. They made themselves just different enough for us to say to ourselves they were The Smiths, but not The Smiths, or Oasis. And we all liked them. I certainly did.

I know that moment has passed, and I don’t listen to them much except when they appear on random in Itunes, but I still really enjoy them. So what I want to know is do you find yourself going back and listening to them? Do they evoke that moment like they do for me? What songs stick out? For me it’s Haunted by You, obviously.