Pretty Green

Remember When Jarvis Cocker Stage Bombed Micheal Jackson

Ha ha ha ha. Jarvis was arrested for this. For all your OBUMMER IS HITLER, remember that little (not little) old Jarvis Cocker walked on stage at the Brit Awards and essentially photo bombed this utterly insane over the top performance by Micheal Jackson. I mean, everything by micheal was over the top. Or maybe under the sheets if you’re in the “micheal was a pedo camp”. Or maybe it was only just over the top if you’re in the “micheal apologist camp”, or maybe you dont give a shit at all about Micheal and are in the “I don’t give a shit camp”. The 90’s were great and free and probably had a bit too much coke, but seriously, why would he even be arresseted for this? Good lord. 1996 was HITLER YOU GUYS.