Pretty Green

Remember These Animal Men?

These Animal Men spent the ’90s straddling the lines between Britpop and the “New Wave of New Wave.” Like Suede, they were fond of glam and sleaze. They released two albums before calling it quits in 1998. Let’s have a These Animal Men Saturday night dance party, shall we?

“Speeed King”

I love everything about this video. It’s so quintessentially Britpop with the haircuts, Lonsdale and Adidas tops, and primary colors. “Speeed King” (yes, with three E’s) is a great pop song.

“This Is the Sound of the Youth”

The eyeliner! The white jeans a la early Manic Street Preachers!

“You’re Always Right”

“Life Support Machine”

Oh These Animal Men, whatever happened to you? “Flawed Is Beautiful” was featured on the soundtrack to the British teen drama Skins bringing the band to a new generation of fans.

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