Pretty Green

Remember How Young Oasis Were In 1994? (Gleneagles Bootleg Video)

Liam seen here HOLDING A MIC. Bonehead with hair? Ok, some hair. And Tony Mccarroll is drumming really well. Ok, i’m REALLY kidding there.

Man, Oasis really, really, came a long way didn’t they? Oh, who am I kidding. These dudes were pro when they started. I agree they made subtle changes such as Rock n Roll Star as the opening song, and a set list put together in somewhat order, but other than that this video shows a very finished product. And very reminiscent of The Stone Roses. Love it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this is the first full show video of their very long career? In the age of smart phones where EVERY song has multiple shitting recordings on youtube we had to be happy with VHS. Jesus. I’ll take youtube anyday.