Pretty Green

Remember Catch?

I often lovingly refer to Menswe@r as Britpop’s boy band but let’s be real, that title actually goes to Catch. They were three teenage scamps that experienced a minor hit with “Bingo.” Frankly, Catch is most remembered because the video for “Bingo” was interrupted to break the news of Princess Diana’s car crash. Their only album never even saw a UK release and was only available in Thailand. Still, we can look back on Catch and laugh. It’s fun. It’s pop music.

So whatever happened to Catch, you ask? Lead singer Toby Slater remained in the music industry releasing some solo tracks and also working with various bands. He’s also one of the main promoters of the sexy London steam punk party White Mischief.

Bassist Wayne Murray and guitarist Ben Etchells found success in the early 2000s with Thirteen:13.

Since then, Wayne has gone on to play guitar with Manic Street Preachers (to which I made the great quip “Everything Must Bingo!”) and also started his own band called Boy Cried Wolf.

All in all, the Catch boys grew up to be pretty cool men. I tip my hat to you, good sirs.