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Ranking The Stone Roses B-Sides 15-11

Young stone roses picture The Stone Roses had a long and varied career….hahhaha oh who am I kidding. They released a total of 15 actual b-sides to go with their 2 albums. 3 if you count the rather dismissed 1st album Garage Flower. In this story I’ll introduce to you all their b-sides ranked! In all reality they released 10 songs that were amazing and 5 that weren’t so amazing. I’ll start with the least.

15. Guernica (b-side to Made of Stone)

B-sides to the popular Made of Stone, Guernica is simply Made of Stone in reverse but with different lyrics. So, unlike the 2 other b-side reverse tracks Guernica is somewhat original in that sense. This is orobably the least likeable song when you’re not on Acid and the most likeable song if you are on Acid. So take your pick.

14. Moses (Ten Story Love Song B-Side)

One of the two unstellar b-sides from the second coming era. The song only saving grace is it’s excellent riff otherwise the song is minutes upon minutes of the same drone. You could skip to almost any moment and hear the exact thing you just heard. You get the feeling it was just another rehashed outtro to a song like the b-sides of this era.

13. Groove Harder (Love Spreads b-sides)

A pretty awesome song by rock standards but a poor Stone Roses song. Not popular in that sense. What’s missing is reni’s drums. While moses was a drum loop this sounds as if it’s not even the man behind the kid. Was he? Explain it to me.

12. Breakout  (Love Spreads b-sides)

The outro to breaking into heaven when played live that merged with Daybreak so again another outro.

11. Tell Me

A leftover song from their more punk era. Squire’s guitar had yet to take on it’s signature tone and ian with his hushed vocals. The lyrics are typical of the songs from that era being less biblical and more I guess in your face.


What say you? Do you agree with the rankings?

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