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Ranking The Stone Roses B-Sides 5-1

Here we are. The top 5 Stone Roses B-sides. Top 5 singles more like it, am I right? These songs were the ring to the album’s yang. These were the song we so preciously clung to as the gems in the stone roses ultimately short career. These are the songs that helped us get through the 4 year waiting period between albums and the 15 year break up period.  Will we see more like this from the boys? It’s been 20+ years, only time will tell.

5. Where Angels Play (I Wanna Be Adored b-side)

Another bullshit Silvertone release of a song slated most likely for another release and this not an “actual” b-side apart though it did appear on the Adored re-release. This song could be released today and be a #1 on any band’s album, let alone the stone roses. Such vibrant drum sound, guitar, and melody.

4. Something’s Burning (One Love B-sides)

3. What the World is Waiting for (Fools Gold Double A Side)

The b-side on a double A side but really a b-side. Fools Gold is the associated lead single. Not to be dismissed as just a b-side this song is top quality. The long detractor from this song is that it’s another reni drum loop and a sign of things to come. One of the best chorus’s to any song ever. The moment at 2:30 is the moment that Oasis became an actual band. They took that moment where a song goes from cruising to full on speeding until the end in one joyus rush of music. Can you imagine an album full of songs like this? Christ.

2. Standing Here

The song marks the start of Squire’s guitar muscle’s to really be flexed. His combination of blues and byrds jangle riffs comes to the forefront though it’s actual appearance on song are reversed. A true romantic song rather than rooted in blues this song destroyed live. This is the song that all guitar bands could have been measured against. But enough guitar love. Tell me the drums on this song are some of Reni’s better moments and I’ll come to your house and slap you. It’s so subtle yet so powerful. Ian Brown is also quite possibly the only man alive to say “I could park a juggernaught in your mouth” and have it sound dreamy.

1. Mersey Paradise

I don’t even need to explain myself. Just listen and you’ll see why this is the pefect combination

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