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Ranking The Stone Roses B-Sides 10-6

We make it into the 87-89 era of songs with the Roses here. While not the best, these songs certainly rank in their best of lists somewhere high. The songs signaled the change in sound for the most part and the dismissing of the older songs save for a few. While these songs sound like a band getting on their feet with their sound, they were already standing several feet above anyone else.

10. All Across The Sands (b-sides to Sally Cinnamon)

The first entry into the sugar pop land. A new lyrical standpoint where they take on more of a acid house flavor than punk with: “Bones of impression romance, scattered all across the sands”

9. The Hardest Thing (Elephant Stone b-sides)

Maybe the first song where there is a more “danceable” nature to it Hardest thing is a stellar song and I only rank it so low because everything else is just that damn good.

8. Ride On (Ten Storey Love Song b-sides)

The last known Squire/Brown penned song until we get a new album. Ride on certainly couldn’t have appeared on the album as it would have been woefuly out of place but that is not to say it wouldn’t be a great song on there. Just out of place. The interesting thing is this sounded more in the direction the band was going in on their early recordings.

7. Here It Comes

Ahhh: here it comes. Part of the complete disater release from Silvertone. While not a b-side this song was reworked with Mani now on bass and one of the stronger songs from their early garage flower period. It went on to continue to appear live through the 89 tours so a case could be made for it being a b-sides. Though the vocals probably far exceed what Ian could pull of now I think we could sing it on his behalf.

6. Going Down

Those people who like to point out what band influenced what say that this song is “if 6 were 9” by jimi hendrix. Slow the song down and play just squire’s riff and you can kind of hear it. I guess. I mean, I don’t, but I don’t exactly give a shit about pointing out things like that. This is, along with Mersey Paradise the top 2 reni b-sides for hearing the man sing. “there is no time” is angelic.

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