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Ranking The Top Oasis Albums

Lets all rank the Oasis albums. I’ll go from Top to bottom. Tell me what you think the order should be in the comments.

8. Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

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SOTSOG as it's know in fan circles was meant to be the anti Be Here Now. All it really did was to shine a gigantic light that Oasis needed to re-evaluate what they were playing for. Despite carrying quite a few good songs such as Go Let It Out, Gas Panic, and Roll It Over there are a few stinkers such as Little James, and I can see a liar. The band comments that the album is not like their other albums. it's just different. And I agree. The trouble is the tracks are all quite good but miss the Oasis mark and the better songs like Carry us All and Lets all Make Believe didn't even make the album.