Pretty Green

Radiohead Saved A Baby From A Burning Tree At Coachella

True Story, I swear. Pics after the break.

HAHAHAHA. That got your attention right! Thom Yorke cant climb trees! He’s no baby saver!  I have something to admit though.

I’m kind of a jerk. I’m a little “over” Radiohead. WTF right? I know they’re saviors of music in some circles. And for those circles I ask where are you? I’m not seeing any circles around this neighborhood! Maybe we’re just a circle-less neighborhood. I don’t know. Or IDK as the kids says. I’m just tired of the yorke deal and to be honest I think it hit it’s apex with “15 Steps”. You may like it, or even love it, but I hate it. It sounds like he just hit random on my garage band ipad app and then started doing…whatever the hell he felt like.  So at that point I’m totally turned off to their deal. But then they play weird fishes….which I love. So I’m a jerk face.

I’ll equate my love affair with Radiohead to food. Because that something that is natural and normal to do. Radiohead has been around 17 years or 40. I can’t quite tell anymore. But it’s a long time either way. At the same time I’ve been going to a certain restaurant for a long time as well. When I first ate there it was the greatest thing. THE GREATEST THING. A few years pass and turns out I still dug it. Then, about 5 years in I said I need a break and ordered other things and while still good they’re just not that “great”. And now when I go back it’s not exactly the same and never reaches that first bite. This is ok because moods/feelings/life changes, but this is Radiohead I’m writing about. They’re so damn seminal that I want them always to be amazing.  I guess I just changed. Just like Tom needs to change that Pony-tail look. A ponytail is never a good look dude.


1. Bloom (1:05)
2. 15 Step (7:30)
3. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (11:40)
4. Morning Mr Magpie (17:25)
5. Staircase (22:40)
6. The Gloaming (27:20)
7. Pyramid Song (31:10)
8. Daily Mail (36:30)
9. Myxomatosis (40:15)
10. Karma Police (45:15)
11. Identikit (50:30)
12. Lotus Flower (54:30)
13. There There (59:5)
14. Bodysnatchers (1:05:40)
15. Idioteque (1:10:00)

Encore 1

16. Lucky (1:17:20)
17. Reckoner (1:21:50)
18. After the Gold Rush intro, Everything In Its Right Place (1:27:25)

Encore 2

19. Give Up the Ghost (1:37:20)
20. Paranoid Android (1:43:04)




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