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RIP Beady Eye, According to Liam Gallagher

Probably the most shocking news in the scene this weekend; Beady Eye is breaking up. At least that was what we may conclude from Liam Gallagher’s tweet an hour ago;

After two magnificent albums; Different Gear, Still Speeding (2011) and BE (2013), is this the end of the band that consisted three of Oasis’ latest members? There was no indicating issue from them since the latest update of their closing to Asia Tour in Japan, March 2014, where they played Oasis’ classic materials such as ‘Champagne Supernova’ for the first time. Moreover, a couple of months later, news came from Liam’s personal life about the settlement of his ‘love child’ with journalist Liza Ghorbani, and nothing else more.

There’s still no official statement from the band via Beady Eye’s official website or Twitter. Let’s just hope that it was just another Liam’s drunken tweet, just like when he tweeted O, A, S, I, S consecutively, of which brought a massive rumor of Oasis comeback in 2015. Was this a maneuver for the speculated reunion? (Thakis)


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