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Q Magazine – Celebrating the re-issue of ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’ Out Today!


Q Magazine are celebrating the reissue of Oasis‘ second album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, with a special issue out today (Tuesday, August 26). The latest issue contains a 20-page cover feature recounting how the album was made, played, and celebrated, as told by all the key figures. Notably, it also includes Noel’s in-depth track-by-track analysis of the album from 1995; a new interview with Alan McGee about the record’s impact on Creation; and an insider’s report from the album’s legendary launch party.

Here’s a tantalizing peak from the magazine:

“Upon the release of What’s The Story (Morning Glory)? Q’s Andrew Perry spoke to Noel Gallagher to get an extensive track-by-track analysis of the album. Their conversation is printed in full in the new issue of Q. Discussing Champagne Supernova, Noel revealed the inspiration behind some key lyrics, and put to bed some rumours about The Stone Roses. “The ‘get away for the summer’ bit is about me when I’m writing. I’m always looking up to the skies going, ‘Why?’ You know, ‘Why me? Why us?’,” he explains. “Then we get to the guitar solo, which Paul Weller plays. He does the backing vocals as well. There’s a refrain that goes, ‘Where were you while we were getting high’. People have said to us that it was our message to The Stone Roses, which it is not. It’s not us sitting around going, ‘Where were they for five years?’ It’s about anyone, you know? It doesn’t mean necessarily getting high, but getting older, having a good time.”

The issue of Q Magazine is on sale from Tuesday, August 26. Find it in your local shop or buy it online here.

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