Pretty Green

Pulp return to the US. The 99% say I’ll just watch it on youtube the next day.

Pulp just finished up the New York part of the US tour that included a diverse selection of cities such as New York, LA, and San Francisco. Wait a second, those are the only dates of the tour. My BAD!

Thanks Jarvo. We know you’re still the artistic genius you are. I mean just look at the band’s website. I know you’re busy just freaking arting it up left and right with that amazo beard of yours. I’m jealous of it. Except not exactly? I couldn’t see it in full effect because the 150.00 prices on stub hub to watch you from the back of a theater were a little too much for me to fork over.It makes me wonder why a more complete US tour would have been possible. I know what you’re thinking and that is probably “do I still look amazing while sipping on a 10$ with a cigarette dipping off the side?”. Now, do I see you playing Fairfax, Virgina? Probably not, ok! I mean I’m American and don’t even know where that is. But would it have hurt you to pop in Toronto, Philly and Chicago tour dates? Not too much to ask here Mr Tour Manager.

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