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Planning the perfect 1990s weekend

To celebrate the arrival of a brand new Suede song, we thought it would be the perfect time to revisit the Britpop glory years and try and recreate the perfect 1990s weekend. Although much has changed in the past twenty years, there are still a few amusing ways that you can relieve the days when bands like Blur and Oasis topped the charts.

Night out on the town

The mid 1990s was when London truly flourished for the first time since the flower power era. One of the epicentres of Britpop action was undoubtedly Camden where bands and journalists congregated to create and celebrate this exciting musical movement.

One of the key pubs in the area that is still in operation is the cosy Good Mixer pub that in its heyday saw the likes of Graham Coxon signalling the start of the short-lived Mod revival.

However it wasn’t all in the south that the action was happening, as bands like Oasis heralded the start of a healthy northern renaissance. Although many of the iconic Manchester venues of the 1990s such as The Roadhouse have closed down, you can still enjoy many top Britpop bands such as Cast who are currently in the midst of a sell-out national tour.

1990s house party

Once you’ve drank your way through some of the Britpop-affiliated pubs and clubs, it’s time to return home for a 1990s style house party. Through streaming sites such as Spotify you can now access all of the great Britpop hits and have a healthy argument about who was a better band – S*M*A*S*H or These Animal Men?

Other key Britpop-affiliated activities included the sudden revival of interest in football through the Fantasy Football League that has found its modern adaptation through the Sky Sports Fantasy Football show. And as new-found wealth flooded into the music scene, suddenly it was acceptable for the likes of the Gallagher brothers to flaunt their new found riches. So why not recreate the luxury lifestyle courtesy of online casino sites such as Lucky Nugget Casino that provide a fun way to add a little glamour to your 1990s house party.

Britpop sights

Of course, your 1990s weekend shouldn’t necessarily focus entirely around drinking as there are plenty of Britpop attractions out there to keep you occupied. A visit to the legendary Sifters Records in South Manchester will give you the chance to recreate the lyrics from Oasis’ Shakermaker and also provide you with some excellent vintage vinyl.

And although for many it was the death-knell of Britpop, the historic Oasis shows at Knebworth in 1996 provided an iconic moment of Britpop history. Should you wish to pay your respects to this fleeting moment, then Knebworth House is still open and provides you with the slightly surreal opportunity to relive the glory days of the 1990s amidst the historic house and gardens.