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Our brief history of The Stone Roses

I wrote a page about the history of The Stone Roses recently to add some depth to our site and it’s not a blog post. I realize you could just go to wikipedia and read up on it or go to any number of fan sites, I guess, but I figure since we’re a site devoted to that scene as well as the greater UK music scene (AND IRELAND!) it’s only right to have some kind of historical view of the bands we cover. With that said why didn’t I just copy and paste wikipedia content onto the site and call it a day? Or just copy their official press release history from their official site? Well, I find that story stuff to be really boring honestly though, wikipedia is pretty great because it quotes John Robb’s book a bunch.

With that said the approach I wanted to write this stuff out as were if I were telling you in conversation about the band. Why that approach? Because I’m sick to death of reading press releases. Their boring and bland and afraid to say anything that’s not totally in favor of a band. I want to read a history by someone who has a modicum of passion about a subject they believe in right or wrong. And if you love some band so much that you want to write some history according to you (without interjecting a bunch of your life’s meaning to it) then I think that’s a perfect thing to do. So with that I introduce you to our totally informal history of britpop bands and our first entry “who are…The Stone Roses?

Once we get a few bands under our belts I’ll add it to the navigation. It’s in there now, just buried deep. I’m thinking it will be fun to do bands like Cast, and Shed Seven to name a few. Those are bands that wikipedia will talk about only the huge hits for and devote a paragraph at most.

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