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Ocean Colour Scene Set Release Date And Pre-Order For New Album

Remember Ocean Colour Scene? You should. At least you should know about “Hundred Mile High City” or from “Day We Caught The Train” .

Well OCS is still going strong and on their 10th album. I feel like a jerk for not knowing the last 5.

To be honest I really liked the first two albums they did then kind of fell off after One For The Modern. And, then the release after that Mechanical Wonder while good it never really stuck with me either. With that said “Up On The Downside” was pretty good.

Details from their site below.

‘Painting’ is now available to pre-order at

‘Painting’ is the band’s tenth studio album, contains 14 brand new tracks and is considered a mile stone in their acclaimed career.

Each album pre-ordered from the store includes an exclusive signed lyric sheet from Simon, Steve & Oscar, alongside an instant free exclusive download entitled ‘Trilogy’ which clocks in at 9 minutes 40 seconds!