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Ocean Colour Scene playing Day Tripper with Noel Gallagher

ocean colour scene band shot
Heres a cool Oasis and Ocean Colour Scene connection! Back in 1997 Noel Gallagher teamed up with OCS to play Day Tripper along with Christopher and Anthony Griffiths at the Royal Albert Hall. Here is what went down.

A little background…Chris and Anthony Griffiths if you didn’t know them were in the band called The Real People. They were not exactly known for huge hits but more so based on the Oasis connection. The story goes like this: In 1992, determined to make a professional sounding demo, Noel Gallagher having known the brothers from his Inspiral Carpet roadie days, contacted Griffiths and asked him to help record a demo. The tracks were:
“Rock ‘n’ Roll Star”
“Strange Thing”
“Bring It on Down”
“Fade Away ”
“D’Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman”
“Married with Children”

The rest as they say is history.