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Ocean Colour Scene New Album Update

Currently Ocean Colour Scene is working on an album and doing a youtube vlog about it. I’m not exactly a vlog fan as a means to connect, but maybe you are. To me they always seem to be this idea that marketing/pr types talk about for ages then present it to some entity – usually at 2am, and then force them to look ultra disheveled and tired talking about nothing, OR they are totally laced with coffee and run through it talking a lot but about nothing. You make music. You’re not known for your eloquence at public speaking about the plight of the east india tribesmen who were wiped out by a tsunami that mitt romney started. (he didn’t start one but I’m sure he has tried). I’m not saying this is exactly the case with OCS, and I’m really in favor of the boys putting theirs out there, but there are shades of what I dislike.

No knock on OCS so ill talk about vlogs, but the part I love the most is marketers then have to present it to the world. It’s always so awkward. I mean, there is always the update on facebook or twitter where they ‘ ‘ it. I hate that. It’s a vlog not a fucking disease. You’re essentially looking at your webcam on your macbook (pro) say a few words, press stop, then encode at the end. Funny thing is you don’t really know what the encode feature is about at all. You just choose some format like quicktime thinking your smart because it’s a mac format and there you go. But you wouldn’t know about deinterlacing from your buttox so if anything screwed up you’re quickly on your phone to your 15 year old nephew. You might, but you probably don’t. And then you’re like FPS? What’s FPS? FREEPS? FREEPERS? OBAMA IS NOT AMERICAN AND THE BRITISH ARE COMMUNISTS FREEEEEPERRRRRS.  And then you just say screw it I’m tired too and post it to youtube and there you have a vlog in it’s current pr state. So awkward.

Now if you wanted to go crazy spartan you would press play and actually talk about what you’re doing which is about how complicated recording an album can be (unless you’ve got a hefe) and it’s parts. The agonizing process which can take days, weeks, or months on their own. Then you could move on to how do you choose the titles or the tracklisting. There are a lot of moving parts and content ideas. Treat it like a book. Start, middle end and parts inbetween.  Here’s a fictional idea related to one angle:

ocean colour scene playing in ireland

“Hey! We just recorded the latest track and man I botched the guitar solo 15 times. I’m currently enormously tired because I got steamed last not on a case of lager. BOY YOU SHOULD HAVE HEARD WHAT I RECORDED ON THAT…And yeah it’s these moments where in the middle of the struggle you find magic. Or to be really honest we just take 5 different solo’s and mash them together to make one and hope to shit we practice enough to nail it on tour. But, funny thing is, wouldn’t you know that in the middle of one of the mess up’s I came up with a really great idea off of these two notes I played. Here’s the riff. *plays riff* What do you think? ”

Now that’s a vlog. totally upsurd and random but about a subject – and not deep – but more like a blog than “i’m really tired and…we’re here…..talking about the album now…..lets take a text…oh I won’t answer it they’re not important….nevermind. see you next time”.

In all reality OCS don’t stop yours because I’m a hater of vlogs. I like you and blogs. I just hate other people’s vlogs.