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Oasis Fan Tattoos

It’s a well known fact that Oasis fans are fairly into…Oasis. And by fairly I mean A LOT. I guess in reality instead of just Oasis it’s really Noel and Liam Gallagher. Personally I’m a huge Andy Bell fan also being into ride, but I guess that is another story. ANYWAYS. I know you don’t care because who the EFF is Andy Bell amirite?

One question I have to ask is why are you getting an Oasis tatoo? Now people I don’t advocate you not getting tattoo’s, or even not getting one of bands but, the thing about tattoos is that they are for forever. Forever as in that old man you pass on the street with sag kind of forever. And ink doesn’t stay as bright as it did after 40 years so if you get a band’s logo inked on your body you better hope that it’s nothing like a a spice girls album cover. But you’re too good for that, I know. And if there’s a band to get a tattoo of, it’s Oasis.

Live Forever Tatoo

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person with oasis tatoo


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