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Oasis DVD Review: Live By The Sea

Oasis Live By The Sea CoverBack in the days when we watched things on VHS Oasis’s Live By The Sea concert video was in constant rotation in my house. Or, at least until I bought “There and Then.”

Recorded live at Southend Cliffs Pavillion on April 17, 1995 this concert is one of the last appearances of Tony McCarroll on drums and contains mostly Definitely Maybe album tracks and b-sides. It’s interesting to see Oasis play songs like “Headshrinker”, “It’s good to be free” and a more sped up “Married with Children”. The last version I quite like. Also making an appearance is the Noel acoustic only “sad song” and an aborted attempt at “d’yer wanna be a spaceman”. Noel forgot the chords if you were wondering what he says. At the bottom is a track list if you’d like to know more about what’s on there.

What I like about the video is that it’s one of those low-fi produced concerts where there area 2-3 camera’s total. Maybe a fourth used very sparingly. I don’t know exactly, but I like the way that sounded, right? In any case it does feel like a really well produced bootleg video and I think that’s why I like it. It’s gnarley and lo-fi. It’s not full of the band talking and commentary about the hits, it’s just: Oasis and the power of their music.

While I do like commentary and more from bands, for this video, and at this time in Oasis’s career I think it makes the most sense.

To me if you’re a diehard fan you need to at least own this and I’ll admit it does suck not having it available as Blu-Ray so you might have to go digital because who buys DVD’s? No word on it what the story is with it being ever available on blu-ray but maybe there is a chance. You have to know that this video was filmed in the mid 90’s in the hey-day of digital video recording which is not able to be transitioned into HD. Red Dwarf, a tv show produced by the BBC, falls into this category.  Time will tell what will happen there,who knows if some recording codec comes out that cures cancer and changes everything into blu-ray, but really there’s also the threat of it being totally out of print. So, get in while the getting is good.

You can buy Oasis – Live By The Sea on Amazon here.

Track Listing:
01 Rock ´N´ Roll Star
02 Columbia
03 Digsy´s Dinner
04 Some Might Say
05 Live Forever
06 Up In the Sky
07 Acquiesce
08 Headshrinker
09 Good To Be Free
10 Cigarettes & Alcohol
11 Married With Children
12 Sad Song
13 D’Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman?
14 Talk Tonight
15 Slide Alway
16 Supersonic
17 I Am The Walrus