Pretty Green

Not Really Feeling Octupus By Bloc Party, Sorry You Guys

I like many people really enjoyed Bloc Party’s first album. After that…not so much. Maybe they were just such a “moment” band that they couldn’t break out of that mold for me. The Strokes fit into that space, though I know soooooooooooooooooooooo many other brits go total ape shit over them. You right now are going apeshit right now at the mere thought of the Strokes not being AMAZING. Yes, they are amazing, now calm down friend.

Though to be honest, and honesty is appreciated here folks, all I still hear today is that first album talk too. So maybe they are a moment band and we’re all permanently tripping on acid and the trip involves us believing the Strokes were a band that made good music.  We probably aren’t and it’s just me, but regardless, lets talk about Bloc Party. This song is an epileptic’s worst night mare. Please don’t watch it. Just listen. And that is enough from me so let me know what you think. I’m just not feeling it, and I’m not going to make a compelling case why. I really don’t care today to be honest. (more honesty!) There are other things to worry about. Like Old White men not apologizing for rape. God I hate this world.